Walk With Me Ministries
Our Purpose: 
Restoring Stories​​
While going through a particular difficult season of life, I realized how isolating and lonely pain and loss can be. I longed to talk to someone who had similar experiences as myself, and had lived to tell the story. I was tired of pat answers and wanted someone that could talk with me through some difficult questions. That season of pain was where a dream was born. A dream to minister and walk with others that need to know that someone else has survived...

God has assembled some amazing women who have not only survived but thrived after walking down some extremely difficult paths. He has gathered us together to strengthen each other and to walk this journey of life together. I invite you to Walk With Me, to hear our stories, and to lighten your load. There is hope. There is healing. There is wholeness.
FOUNDATION: We are group of women who have been adopted into Christ's family and are free in Christ.  Because we live in a broken world, we have experienced pain, loss and sorrow. We find our hope in Christ and are on a journey toward wholeness with Jesus.  Because of Christ's great love for us, our stories are being redeemed and made beautiful.